Thursday, 21 July 2011


short lived perennial (best replaced after 5-7 years.. but not always)
part of the mint family
only the buds contain the essential lavender oil... which is what holds the scent and flavor.

(smells fabulous. could be uses in aromatherapy, satchels, cleaning products,  soaps, shampoos, medicinal remedies (stress, anxiety, insomnia: how to take it.) It is also used for culinary purposes. great for teas & dried flowers can be used in a variety of recipes)
  • how to take it to relieve stress & anxiety 
  • relaxing bath- add dried lavender pedals to warm bath water. 
  • seep like you are making a tea & then use it in a bottle for bug spray or to relieve sunburn. You could also rinse your hair with it to eliminate dandruff or rinse your face to help with acne. add it to your iron water for a fresh scented steam. rinse cuts to help reduce infection. 
  • laundry satchel: wrap a handful of dried flowers in a mesh casing (cheesecloth works well). tie with string & throw it in the dryer. Use for up to 25 loads to add a nice smell to laundry. 
  • bedtime satchel: make a satchel of lavender (see above) and sleep with is close by... maybe even in your pillowcase.  
  • decorate your home with dried flowers 
  • culinary purposes- see below for recipe ideas 

How to Grow:
  • new plants can be started with cuttings from the mother plant
  • needs good drainage (stay away from soggy areas!) 
  • Ph btw. 6.5-7.5 
  • plant spacing should be the same as the height of the plant (which varies among the different types of lavender) Or a little closer if you want a tighter border from it. 
  • full sun
  • rarely needs fertilizer (maybe once or twice a season) 
How to Prune
  • prune 1/3 of the plant every year
  • prune when it's finished blooming for the season 
  • don't trim into the woody area. just trim the new growth. 
How to Harvest
  • harvest late June/early July
  • morning time is best because that is when the oils are the strongest 
  • cut when the flower is just about to open. cut just below the blooms (never more than 1/3 of the plant) 
  • lay flowers out to dry or hang upside down until dried out (about a month) 
Lavender Recipes

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